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 Potty Training a Puppy

Potty training a puppy is one of the biggest challenges faced by all dog owners.  If you think potty training a puppy simply involves a steady supply of newspapers, your WRONG! It requires a lot more...

To begin with, you"ll need a heavy dose of patience, persistence and practice.  Potty training a puppy is a continuous process that continues till puppy is at least 6 months old.  Since they are growing and developing rapidly at this time, puppies eat more, burn more calories and need to eliminate more frequently than adults dogs.

When you bring your new puppy home you should start potty training right away.  Start by committing to taking puppy outside as soon as he/she wakes up, before and after every meal, after a round of play. Always, take puppy to the same spot so he/she start to associate "going potty" with this spot.  while inside, if you see puppy looking distracted, walking in circles, sniffing the ground or squatting, get the him- he's about to go potty! pick him up take him to the potty spot and tell him to "GO Potty; using the same phrase every time.  Always praising puppy each time he goes potty outside.  Again, reward the behavior you like by praising puppy.

If puppy goes potty inside and you catch him in the act, tell him "NO" emphatically then take him outside to the potty spot and tell him to " go potty".  You may have heard or been advised to rub puppy's nose in the potty when he goes inside this is bad advice.  Never rub puppy's nose in the potty.  It is unsanitary and there are better methods for training your puppy.  If you don't catch puppy in the act of going inside, do not scold him. Too much time has passed for the puppy to understand what he has done wrong.  Just clean up the mess and wait for the next time opportunity to teach.

As you can see, repetition and consistency are the keys to successful potty training.  If you are persistent, within a few weeks, puppy will ask to go outside when he/she has to potty.

There are certain specific potty traning tips that you should follow when you're at home and some others that you need to consider when you're not at home.

Potty training- When you're not home:

Choose a small room that can be easily "Puppy-Proofed"

Cover the floor of chosen room with paper/wee pads.

Confine your puppy in the room along with its toys, food and water bowl and bed.

Make sure that your puppy finds no way to escape out of this room.

Be prepared to clean up a lot of mess.

Lay down fresh sheets on return everyday.

Though initially, your puppy may soil the entire floor, gradually it will eliminate in only one particular place.

When your puppy learns to eliminate in its demarcated place, start removing the papers/pads from the other areas.

Remove the papers/pads that are laid far away from your puppy chosen spot and close in gradually.  Eventually you will need to cover your puppy's chosen spot only.

Be careful not to reduce the area too soon or your pup might miss its spot and soil your floor.

Once your puppy has learned to eliminate only on the papers/pads you've left, then try to move the papers a few inches a day, slowly and gradually to a location of your choice.

Don't be discouraged if your puppy suddenly acts crazy and messes up your floor.  Return to papering the entire floor and improve gradually till your puppy is successfully paper/wee pad trained.